Bulldog Kennels of Lynchburg Jagger big face

Welcome to the bulldog capital of Ohio!

As owner of bulldog kennels I have been involved with bulldogs a great deal of my life. After retirement I decided to start breeding them as a hobby. My goal was to breed a HEALTHY bulldog to be an excellent family pet with looks and character like the English Bulldog is supposed to have. I chose breeding stock that had mellow dispositions that would be conducive to family life. All of my dogs have excellent pedigrees as well.

I try to socialize my pups as much as possible before they go to their new families. They will have a complete medical record and a vet health certificate.

I am pleased to announce that my son has decided to become associated with me in the dog operation. We have built a new facility on his farm with large indoor and outdoor facilities. This allows not only for expansion but more importantly gives us a much better environment to socialize and exercise our dogs, providing us the ability to deliver a better quality, more socialized pet to their new family.


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